NANOGO DETAILING LTD is a UK based chemical company focused on manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of alkaline products based on nanotechnological innovations designed to make life easier and more environmentally friendly. We have an extensive catalogue of innovative products specifically designed to meet customer needs.

We work to the highest quality standards to ensure we offer the best products on the market. We have a team of top chemical and scientific engineers in the EU who are continually improving the quality of our products and providing realistic solutions that leave our users satisfied. We use only the best materials and manufacturing equipment to produce NANO GO products.

Our research has allowed us to develop innovative solutions and products with a wide range of applications. We are working to revolutionize the chemical industry market and further develop all the benefits of nanotechnology in cleaning, washing and ceramic coating.


At NANOGO DETAILING LTD, we know how important it is to care for our planet, as well as the high risks involved in manufacturing processes in the chemical industry, and we have set ourselves the task of creating a functional product that does not impact the environment.

All NANO GO products are alkaline or neutral Ph, made in an environmentally friendly manner, free from aggressive chemicals, and contaminants such as chlorine or acids, which can affect our environment or damage the ozone layer. We only use materials and production processes that meet regulatory standards. Protecting the environment is a full-time job for us, and we need to become strong advocates of environmental protection by adapting our production processes to balance our work with the desire to care for the ecosystem.



At NANOGO DETAILING LTD we are committed to producing the best cleaning and surface protection products. Thanks to the hard work and experience gained over several years of development and research, we have been able to develop an innovative formula based on the highest levels of chemical nano compounds providing effective results that set us the benchmark in the chemical industry in the United Kingdom.

The advantages offered by NANO GO:

  • NANO GO products are professional, high quality, effective, economical, and designed for professional and domestic use.
  • NANO GO products are produced in Eco-friendly methods, free of pollutants that can affect our environment or damage the ozone layer. We use only materials and manufacturing processes that meet the standards established by regulatory bodies.
  • NANOGO DETAILING LTD is committed to protecting the environment, and NANO GO products support this decision.
  • Many of our cleaners and fragrances have pleasant scents made from natural ingredients that help dispel and eliminate bad odours and give a pleasant fresh scent.
  • We offer the highest quality products at the best value for money, which means you don’t have to use many different chemicals to get great results.
  • NANO GO products do not contain chlorine or acids. NANO GO cleaners are alkaline, most cleaners have a neutral pH.
  • In most of our products, Nanosilver Ag (5-15 ppm) is an active component and this fantastic material gives the surfaces to be cleaned antimicrobial protection properties that guarantee better results than other chemical elements.
  • One of our leading innovations in surface protection. Thanks to advanced production techniques and the use of the best materials, nano compounds and ingredients, we have developed a protective coating that offers the best results. Surface coating is one of the most outstanding advantages of nanomaterials. Thanks to the coating, the surfaces on which our products are applied can repel the majority of impurities, dirt stains, pollutants and other elements that cause deterioration.
  • The coating gives hydrophobic and oleophobic properties that repel liquids and oils that can cause deterioration on surfaces. In the same way, it considerably facilitates the cleaning processes, and this drastically reduces the time required to perform effective cleaning on these surfaces.

The use of active formulas guarantees a higher concentration of ingredients per cubic centimetre; in this way, the efficiency of the product is maximised without having to use huge quantities of it.

NANOGO DETAILING LTD thinks about its consumers, and that is why we have developed more efficient products with a better use ratio.


It is natural to want to live in a clean home without sweating every day and spending endless money on different products. NANO GO understands these desires, so it is constantly improving, looking for innovative formulas, solutions and materials that would allow you to achieve a result at a minimal cost.
Try NANO GO products for cleaning, waterproofing, ceramic coatings, car care products and other products and see what it means to use some of the best products on the market.

Your well-being is our priority.