NANO GO ® is a brand that offers a wide range of specialised products for professional use which are based on the achievements of nanotechnologies for homes, buildings, industry, automobiles, agriculture etc. Thanks to this, everybody can use the latest achievements in chemistry and material engineering! NANO GO products are prepared under environmentally friendly methods. We are paying attention to using plant-based compounds, from renewable sources, without GMOs. We are doing all we can to decrease harmful ingredients used in our products. We also are avoiding environmentally harmful ingredients f.ex. phosphates that can cause water environment damage (eutrophication). Products have not been tested on animals. We are using nanosilver in almost every product for keeping surfaces hygienic for a long time.

Professional Cleaning Products

NANO GO products are of exceptional quality and feature excellent performance. With one bottle of NANO GO, you can perform as many tasks as you would with three regular cleaner bottles.


The mission of the NANO GO® brand is to provide customers with the highest quality products made using advanced nanotechnology. We aim to ensure that our customers receive only the best products that meet their expectations and needs.