Become a NANO GO representative dealer.

At NANOGO DETAILING LTD we are pleased to work side by side with the best dealers in the United Kingdom, that is why we offer you the possibility of becoming an authorized distributor of our products. If you are interested in being part of the NANO GO family and joining the trend of nanotechnological innovations in the cleaning and surface protection industry, this is your opportunity.

Every day new and wonderful innovations arise in the section of the chemical industry, we want to share these innovations with you and work together to always offer the highest quality products while satisfying the needs of consumers and developing a strong connection with all those people who buy our products.

By becoming an official dealer of our products you will not only be revolutionizing your business opportunities, but you will also be putting your grain of sand to improve the quality of the chemical industry in the United Kingdom. You will be part of a solid and recognized brand that cares about the environment and consumer satisfaction, so your money will become the best investment.

What do we have to offer you?
  • The best selection of products is developed with innovative nanoparticle components. No other competitor offers products of superior quality and with applications similar to ours. Cleaning and surface coating have become one of the biggest requests from consumers, which guarantees a large volume of sales.
  • Amazing discounts and offers for bulk purchases.
    We make sure to offer you the best deal in a price-quantity relationship, we want you to also get excellent benefits based on the sales of our products.
  • The best restocking service. At NANOGO DETAILING LTD we work so that our dealers can always count on all the stock of products they need to meet the demand of their customers. With us, you will never have to wait for weeks to replenish your inventory.
  • We advertise your brand in our partner’s section and offer the possibility that consumers can contact you through our platform.
  • Access to the latest innovations in the cleaning and surface coating industry. When you join the NANO GO family, you will be marketing the products that revolutionize cleaning methods. Join the nano-cleaning trend!
What do you need to become an official dealer?
  • Maximum commitment and cooperation during the duration of our commercial agreement.
  • Advertise our products to increase sales volume and expand the presence of our brand throughout the United Kingdom.
What are the payment methods we accept?

We currently accept payments through the following methods:

  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cheque (takes up to a week, for the cheque to get cleared by the bank)
    (We constantly work to expand the channels through which we receive payments and thus facilitate the marketing process with our official distributors)
How does our return policy work?

Please read all the necessary information in our SHIPPING & REFUND POLICY section.

From how many litres is a BULK ORDER considered?

To qualify for discounts and offers for BULK purchases it is necessary to acquire a minimum of 1 box per product. Terms and conditions apply depending on the quantity of products purchased.

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