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  • all purpose cleaner max

    Apc cleaner MAX

    Alkaline, highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner MAX 500ml.

    The APC Cleaner Max is a powerful cleaner of all types of surfaces. Its renewed formula has highly concentrated active ingredients responsible for removing any impurity in minutes. This is a multipurpose product compatible with all types of materials such as plastic, metal, steel, aluminium, wood, etc.
    The concentrated APC Cleaner Max formula contains active ingredients capable of cleaning all types of impurities and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the surfaces on which it is applied. It is ideal for removing those difficult stains that do not disappear with traditional methods. Rust stains are not a problem either, use our APC Cleaner Max and end up with the annoying traces of rust on the metal. In addition, the nanosilver particles that make up the formula of this product help delay the natural ageing of metals, adding useful time and combating rusting processes.


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    • RISK FREE PURCHASE:- As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of multi purpose cleaning sprays and related products, we are so proud of our APC CLEANER MAX powerful cleaning concentrate that if you aren’t 100% happy within 30 days, we will offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: highly concentrated alkaline all-purpose cleaner.
    • Application: plastic, metal, steel, aluminium, wood, upholstery.