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    Textiles coating

    Textiles coating is a hydrophobic-oleophobic, water-based product designed to protect all types of natural and synthetic fabrics 200ml.

    TEXTILE COATING is a water-based product designed to protect fabrics.
    Ideal for all types of clothing (jackets, sportswear, outerwear), furniture, carpets, vehicle upholstery and seats.
    Our textile coating is made from an aqueous suspension of nanoparticles based on silicon, which guarantees your fabrics’ more profound and effective protection and cleanliness.
    The active formula penetrates the depths of tissues and creates a layer that repels water, dirt, grease and any dirt in general.
    This product is compatible with all types of natural and synthetic fabrics.
    Our textile coating does not cause discolouration, so your textiles will not lose their natural colour.
    After a proper application, the durability of the coating is about five washing cycles.
    To keep the textile coating durability as long as possible and your products clean as long as possible, we recommend cleaning with TEXTILE CLEANER before applying the coating product.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: hydrophobic and oleophobic protective coating for all types of textiles.
    • Application: textiles (natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic).


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