Polishing 3 IN 1 COMPOUND

Polishing 3 IN 1 COMPOUND


For perfect restoration of the factory look for car paint, a full correction should be made using polishing compounds.

This is the only method that prevents painting the car body. Of course, very deep scratches, which reach the undercoat layer, can not be removed by this method, but they constitute only a small percent in the total number of scratches on the body.

What’s more, surface scratches cause a general mattifying effect on the body.
The 3 IN 1 COMPOUND product have been developed using environmentally safe technologies.

Thanks to this, we eliminated silicone and petroleum-based solvents from the ingredients list. As a result, the products do not leave oily, hard to clean surfaces. All traces of polishing paste can be easily removed using a pressure cleaner.



Polishing paste that make possible a complete correction of the paint with only one product.

In order to achieve the full effect, pads with different hardness (from the hardest to the softest) should be used.

Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain the optimal removing scratches, swirls and holograms from the surface of the paint.


Application Method:

Use directly to polishing pads.

Spread paste with slow movements through polished surface, and after that make polishing process with high speed.

Product is compatible with rotary and eccentric polishers. Strongest cutting power is available with fur pads.


Shelf life 36 months.


Bottle: 0.5l, 1l; Canister: 5l , 10l, 20l; barrel: 220l; Mauser container: 1000l

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