Ceramic coating for car body protection.




Product for protection of car body and windshield.
The product forms a coating that ceramize over time, giving extremely high hardness (9H in pencil scale) and outstanding resistance to chemicals.
The coating perfectly protects against scratches, significantly enhances gloss and protects against aggressive chemicals, prevents corrosion and radically reduces the sticking of all types of dirt.
Modern technology used in product development combines hardness with flexibility.
Thanks to this, the coating is crack resistant and expand together with the car body during hot days.


Application Method:

Apply the coating on a thoroughly cleaned, polished, degreased and drained surface with applicator and immediately polish with microfiber cloth until the streaks are completely removed.
Surface area should not exceed 20 x 20 cm at time.
Using that method cover whole surface of car body and windshield.
Application of the next layer is possible after 2 hours from the previous dry.
The coating should not have direct contact with water within 16 hours after finished application.
The coating should not be washed in the next 7 days.
Do not leave streaks during application. Incorrectly applied coating in practice can not be removed.
Durability of coating is up to 3 years on one layer, up to 5 years on two layers and up to 6 years on three layers.

Shelf life 36 months.


Bottle: 50ml, 0,1l, 0,2l, 0.5l, 0.75l, 1l.

Technical Data Sheet