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  • granite-coating

    Granite coating

    Universal, oil-based coating for hard and smooth surfaces 200ml.

    Our Granite Coating is the best option to protect polished stone surfaces such as granite and marble, although it is also compatible with any varnished element regardless of what material is manufactured.
    Thanks to the chemical components of this product you can recover the natural shine of polished stone surfaces.
    Highlighting the colour and protecting them against the natural discolouration produced by environmental agents.
    The active Granite Coating formula is responsible for repelling dirt and dust and removing even the slightest stain.
    Cleaning your granite or marble surfaces will never be so easy, with just one application of this product you will be able to get that shine that you want so much without damaging the colour.

  • graffiti remover

    Graffiti remover

    Graffiti paint remover

    The highly effective Graffiti cleaner is designed to remove graffiti paint from various painted and varnished surfaces. The product is made of natural materials, without aggressive chemicals, and soluble in water, so it is possible to safely remove graffiti paint from the body of a car, truck, bus or train, from various metal, plastic, and glass surfaces.

    The spray paint penetrates deeply into the surface and strongly adheres to it. Graffiti paint is also resistant to frequently used cleaning and washing agents.

    NANO GO GRAFFITI CLEANER solves this problem. The solution is based on organic solvents capable of dissolving sprayed graffiti paint on painted or varnished surfaces.

    GRAFFITI CLEANER is in liquid form and perfectly penetrates the structure of the paint. The product is also amphiphilic – it is soluble in water and organic solvents. It is used for cleaning waterproof surfaces.

    If you often have to clean graffiti, this tool will definitely become an irreplaceable saviour!

    Brand: NANO GO®
    Origin: Great Britain
    Type: graffiti spray paint remover, for cleaning waterproof surfaces.
    Application: for plastic, metal, steel, aluminium, chrome, painted surfaces, waterproof coatings.