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  • all-purpose cleaner

    All purpose cleaner with Nanosilver 500ml

    Alkaline All-purpose cleaner with nanosilver for car detailing 500ml.

    NANO GO’s All Purpose Cleaner is a professional car cleaning spray for detailers. It’s also perfect for everyday cleaning all around your car, no matter what mess you need to clean up.

    Thanks to our unique formulation, high-quality ingredients, and the presence of nanosilver, our product doesn’t leave fat stains, is long-lasting, easy to use and more hygienic than mainstream competitors, and also leaves a protective layer that means you can save time on your cleaning and keep your car looking like new for longer.

    It’s designed to be gentle on all surfaces, so it won’t harm anything as it cleans. In addition to being strong enough to lift away stubborn dirt and grime, NANO GO’s All Purpose Cleaner also contains a pleasant scent. It has a slight apple smell that will leave your car with a fresh, clean-smelling.

    Cover the cleaned parts of the car interior with NANO GO INTERIOR PLASTIC COATING – Protective coating – matt nano polishing agent for interior plastic, leather, rubber.




    • RISK FREE PURCHASE: As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of car detailing products, we are so proud of our multipurpose cleaning spray that if you aren’t 100% happy within 30 days, we will offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: universal alkaline cleaner.
    • Application: Dashboard, Steering wheel, Seat upholstery, Car body, Floor mats, Leather interior, Rubber, Plastic parts etc.

  • daily floor cleaning concentrate

    Daily floor cleaning concentrate

    The floor cleaner is intended for washing all types of waterproof floors 500ml.

    Extremely high-quality, highly concentrated, alkaline product for daily thorough floor cleaning created by scientists using the latest nanotechnology. Thanks to its advanced formula, the low-foaming DAILY FLOOR is perfect for daily mechanical or automatic floor cleaning.

    The product quickly removes various stubborn dirt and grease stains. The floor acquires an antistatic effect, which keeps it clean longer, and repels dust, dirt, and pet hair. After washing the floor, greasy stains do not stick, and they are easily washed off with the next wash. Active nanosilver particles reduce the growth of microbes, fungi, and mould. Prevents unpleasant odours and their rapid appearance. The product is perfect for washing rooms with a lot of moisture (baths, saunas, swimming pools).

    The solution perfectly eliminates dirt from cleansed surfaces without leaving any streaks or stains due to its enhanced formulation. Surfaces such as ceramic, clay, stone tiles, natural wood floors, and parquet or laminate flooring. After cleaning, the floor remains clean and has a pleasant smell for a long time. The product’s active ingredients are based on safe, organic detergents that help us protect the natural environment.

    floor cleaner nanogo

    • RISK FREE PURCHASE:- We’re so proud of our product that if you aren’t 100% happy within 30 days, we will offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Country of origin: Great Britain
    • Type: alkaline nano floor cleaner, concentrated.
    • Application: for washing all types of waterproof floors.