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  • interior plastic coating

    Interior plastic coating

    Protective coating – polish for interior plastic coating 200ml.

    Thanks to the active NANO GO INTERIOR PLASTIC COATING polish formula, which contains nano-silica compounds, plastic, fittings or eco-leather details in your home or car will shine clean!
    The interior plastic polish creates a protective layer that protects plastic products, rubber, painted plastic parts, and furniture fittings from dust and dirt—ideal for covering car interior plastic parts, rubber products, vinyl, and artificial leather.
    The hydrophobic coating repels dirt and protects against water and against, for example, moisture, UV rays, dust, and dirt that can damage the car’s interior elements.
    Simultaneously, the coating creates a natural satin shine – the elements covered with the product look new. However, the coated surface does not look as wet, greasy or glossy.
    For the best results, to keep the surface perfectly clean for as long as possible, it is recommended first to clean the surface with NANO GO UNIVERSAL ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER and then apply it with a hydrophobic coating.
    With INTERIOR PLASTIC COATING, you will enjoy longer cleanliness and easy maintenance of plastics and fittings!

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: protective coating for interior plastic, fittings (glossy and matt), car interior parts.
    • Usage: compatible with all types of plastic, rubber, vinyl, eco-leather, and varnished surfaces.


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