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    Ceramic coating for car body protection with permanent Super-hydrophobic effect 9H+ 50ml.

    The Superhydrophobic Coating 9H is a product specially designed for the protection of car bodies, windshields and any other hard surface of the vehicle.
    It offers a first level resistance against corrosion caused by chemicals with a high PH level.
    We use the technology of the highest level to combine the properties of hardness and flexibility in a single product. In this way, we guarantee much higher protection than any other similar product in the market.
    With a single application of this product, a protective layer is created that ceramises over time and repels even the smallest particle of dirt or any other external agent that affects the body of your car.
    This high power protection has an approximate value of 9H on the pencil scale.
    The protective coating is highly resistant to cracks and scratches, does not affect the gloss or cause discolouration in the paint and also prevents the effect of oxidation caused by water or moisture.
    It also provides a permanent superhydrophobic coating that does not reduce over time, improving the efficiency of long-term cleaning and avoiding contact with dirt.