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  • indian lotus 100ml

    Air freshener 100ml.

    Air freshener / scent 100ml.

    Thanks to the active formula of the Air Freshener and the nanosilver particles, bad smells are things of the past. Just a simple one spray in the air to eliminate those unpleasant odours and replace them with a wonderful scent aroma that will make you feel in a clean and pleasant space.
    At NANO GO, we are concerned about the environment, so our Air Freshener is Eco-friendly and does not contain ingredients that damage the ozone layer.
    Fragrances are from natural sources.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: perfume.
    • Application: vehicles, rooms, premises.

    INDIAN LOTUS 30ml – fruity, exotic scent.
    GOLD BRICK 30ml – herbal scent.