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    footwear protector

    Footwear protector

    Footwear protector 200ml.

    NANO GO FOOTWEAR PROTECTOR has been created specifically for the protection of all types of footwear.
    The product is based on a reliable water-based formula with nanosilver compounds.
    NANO GO Footwear Protector is characterised by providing maximum level protection against external agents that can damage the fibre, and is compatible with all types of fabrics, from natural to synthetic, leather, cotton, fabric, etc.
    Thanks to the highest level’s chemical components, the Footwear Protector penetrates the fibre to its main centre, joining it and covering it with a chemical layer that repels all kinds of impurities.
    The chemical protection system repels grease stains, dirt, dust, stains, and any substance that may damage the fibre.
    Footwear Protector considerably facilitates the cleaning of leather and any other fabric type, thanks to the nanosilver particles that fight impurities regardless of their size.
    NANO GO Footwear Protector is free of bleaching compounds, so your footwear will never lose its brightness and colour.
    For long-term cleanliness and a long coating life, it is recommended to clean the leather footwear with NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: hydrophobic protective nano-coating for all types of footwear.
    • Usage: all kinds and types of textile and leather footwear.


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