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  • leather foam nano cleaner

    Leather foam cleaner

    NANO GO Leather foam cleaner is intended for cleaning all types of leather. 250ml.

    Shoes, leather furniture, leather car seats and all other leather products for your home, car or office will be kept clean and tidy by using NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER.
    The cleaning foam is specially made for the care, protection and deep cleaning of all types of leather, suede, Eco and genuine leather. Thanks to the product’s active ingredients, nanosilver particles penetrate the fibre’s deepest part and provide exceptional protection against microbes.
    Unlike simple leather cleansers, NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER does not dry the leather, so it does not crack and remains elastic and soft. It is ideal for cleaning shoes, belts, jackets, furniture, upholstery, car seats or any other leather. The foam can dissolve even the heaviest dirt, guaranteeing an effective result in minutes.
    After cleaning the smooth leather, we recommend applying NANO GO HYDROPHOBIC LEATHER COATING – cream.
    For footwear made of suede, split leather, eco or genuine leather, we suggest after cleaning to make a coating with NANO GO FOOTWEAR PROTECTOR.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: foam for leather cleaning.
    • Application: natural leather, suede, eco-leather and nubuck.


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