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    Alkaline de-greasing liquid for heavy, greasy dirt 500ml.

    Fats and burns in the kitchen are overcome – NANOGO DEGREASER will take care of that!
    DEGREASER is a powerful tool for removing greasy, burnt dirt from grills, BBQs, fireplaces, smoking chambers, countertops or floors. The product is also enriched with detonating agents that remove limescale from surfaces.
    The product not only cleans deeply absorbed or stubborn greasy dirt, but also covers the surface with a protective layer that repels dirt, preventing it from being applied so quickly and facilitates daily cleaning.

    If you need to remove dirt and moss from window frames or other surfaces, to make them new again, DEGREASER can help you.
    Bring the surface clean and shiny to your kitchen with NANOGO DEGREASER!