Metal protector

Protective ceramic-metal protector coating for metals, metallized surfaces and plastics 200ml.

NANO GO METAL PROTECTOR – advanced protective coating for all kinds of metal surfaces.
Product strongly binds to the surface of the metal and creates chemical bonds that guarantee high durability.
Our Metal Protector is specially designed to offer maximum protection and durability to metal pieces and rims without interfering with the piece’s utility or aesthetic appearance.
With straightforward use and durability that stands out above any other product for your wheels’ care, our Metal Protector is compatible with all types of wheels regardless of the manufacturing material: aluminium, chrome, steel, and even custom wheels.
Protect the surface of your wheels while retaining their shine and beauty, simplify cleaning metal surfaces with a single application, and eliminate any trace of dirt that appears on them.
Say goodbye to those annoying specks of dust or the deterioration caused by rust! The Metal Protector is manufactured with special chemicals to preserve the integrity of the metal parts.
The chemical coating provided by the Metallic Protector is responsible for repelling external agents that may damage the surface of the metal parts while facilitating the cleaning and preservation thereof.
Dust, road salt, dirt and any other harmful agent remains where it should be: away from your wheels.


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  • RISK FREE PURCHASE:– With a single application lasting up to 12 months, there isn’t a better protective metal sealant or rust prevention spray available. We’re so proud of our product that if you don’t feel the same way in 30 days, we’ll offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.



Product designed for durable nano-ceramic protection for metals, metallized surfaces and plastics.

  • High-quality metal car trim protector:- NANO GO high-quality car metal spray sealer leaves a protective layer over any external metal car parts, including aluminium, chrome, steel, varnished rims and more. This protects them in the long term, makes them easier to clean and can help to reduce the buildup of rust, grime and other marks.
  • Protection from the elements:- Provides 100% guaranteed protection from chemical agents, road salt, brake dust and other materials known to cause wear and tear to metal car parts.
  • Designed for simplicity:- NANO GO products are designed for long-lasting simplicity and results. Simply spray on metal car parts and wipe to protect the metal from all external compounds, moisture and contaminants for 12 months. Combine with our deruster product to keep metal car parts shiny and clean indefinitely.
  • Compatible with all car brands and metals:- Is it metal? Is it exterior? Then this product can protect it. Aluminium, chrome, steel, and more all last longer, wipe clean more easily and take longer to rust when protected with NANO GO Metal Protector.
Application Method:

Shake before use. After removing asphalt residues or other dirt, clean the surface with a degreasing agent (IPA) (not suitable for glass, all-purpose cleaner or other cleaners with hydrophobic properties).
In case of scratches, it is recommended to polish with polishing paste.
Spray on the surface.
Use a sponge to spread evenly on the surface you’re coating.
Don’t allow it to dry.
Polish with a microfiber cloth until it will be completely shiny.
The coated surface must be protected from moisture and water for at least 6 hours.
Do not use it on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.
Product for direct use.

Durability max. 12 month.

Shelf life 36 months.

Packaging: 200ml.