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    FOOTWEAR PROTECTION Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Footwear protector.

    This product has been created specifically for the protection of all types of fabrics, and especially leather.  Our Footwear Protector is characterized by providing maximum level protection against external agents that can damage the fibre, and is compatible with all types of fabrics, from natural to synthetic, leather, cotton, fabric, etc.

    Thanks to the chemical components of the highest level, the Footwear Protector penetrates the fibre to its main centre, joining it and covering it with a chemical layer that repels all kinds of impurities.  Grease stains, dirt, dust, stains, and any substance that may damage the fibre are repelled by the chemical protection system.

    Footwear Protector considerably facilitates the cleaning of leather and any other type of fabric, thanks to the nanoplate particles that fight impurities regardless of their size.  Our product is totally free of allergic and bleaching compounds, so your clothes will never lose their brightness and colour.

  • PLASTICS Coatings cleaner impregnates
    INTERIOR PLASTICS COATING Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Protective coating for internal plastic protection

    Compatible with all types of plastic, rubber and vinyl.
    Perfect car dressing for refreshing and protecting the dashboard and internal plastics.
    The Innovative formula ensures perfect colour extraction and gives satin gloss.

    The product is characterised by high efficiency and excellent protective properties.

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    EXTERIOR PLASTICS Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Protective coating for external plastics protection

    EXTERIOR PLASTIC COATING – advanced impregnate for external plastics.
    The product strongly binds to the surface of the plastic, creates a durable coating that protects the vehicle from the adhesion of dust, dirt and road salt.
    The impregnation deepens the colour and guarantees excellent water beading.

  • LEATHER MILK Coatings cleaner impregnates
    LEATHER COATING Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Hydrophobic coating for leather protection


    LEATHER COATING – is a protective coating dedicated to natural leather.

    It extracts colour and protects the leather against penetration of water and dirt.

    The unique composition nourishes the skin, protects it from drying out and cracking.

    The product contains Nanosilver, which guarantees the highest sanitary quality.

  • TECTILES COATING Coatings cleaner impregnates
    LEATHER TEXTILE COATING Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Hydrophobic coating for fabrics protection.

    TEXTILES COATING – is a water-based product for the protection of fabrics. It penetrates deeply into the fibre structure (natural, synthetic and semi synthetic) creating a thin layer that repels water, fatty substances and dirt, which significantly facilitates cleaning and protects against re-soiling.
    The product is compatible with all types of fabrics as well as with the leather (both natural and artificial).
    The product does not cause discoloration.

    GLASS AND MIRROR Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Protective coating for glass and glazed ceramics.

    It offers the best protection against chemical agents that cause deterioration on glass and glazed surfaces.
    Ideal to protect the windows and mirrors of your home or the windshields of your vehicle.

    The renewed GLASS COATING formula contains nanosilver particles, creating a special coating that provides hydrophobic and oleophobic properties on the surfaces where it is applied.
    The protective layer formed is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosive chemicals that damage glass surfaces, causing an opacity effect and limiting vision.
    It greatly facilitates cleaning and returns the shine to your mirrors and windshields.
    Eliminates impurities accumulated on glass surfaces and prevents them from getting dirty again.
    This effect is of long duration that extends until 18 months, after that period of time it is necessary to reapply the product.

  • METAL RUSTS PROTECTOR Coatings cleaner impregnates
    METAL PROTECTOR Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Protective coating for rims and metal elements.

    Metal protector – advanced protective coating for metal surfaces.

    Product strongly binds to the surface of the metal and creates chemical bonds that guarantee high durability.

    The coating facilitates cleaning, repels water and dirt, and protects against road salt.

    CAR BODY Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Hydrophobic coating for car body protection.

    Car body coating – excellent, universal coating for protection of all external elements of the car (glass, mirrors, body, plastics).

    The advanced composition of the product allows you to protect the vehicle up to 12 months from application date.

    Coating is easy during application and very efficient.

  • ANTIGRAFFITI Coatings cleaner impregnates
    GRANITE COATING ANTIGRAFFITI Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Universal, oil-based impregnate for hard and smooth surfaces.


  • ANTIGRAFITY MAX, GLAZED STONE Coatings cleaner impregnates
    GRANITE COATING ANTIGRAFITTI Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Universal, oil-based, self-cross linking impregnate for hard and smooth surfaces.
    Chemical resistant.


  • TYRE DRESSING Coatings cleaner impregnates
    TYRES, TIRES DRESSING Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Protective coating for tyres and rubber elements

    This product has been manufactured with powerful cleaning ingredients to offer maximum protection and more efficient cleaning on tires and any other rubber surface.
    TIRE DRESSING not only penetrates deep into the rubber fibres but also cleans and protects the surface against natural agents that degrade the integrity of the tires.
    The innovative formula of this product contains silicon particles, providing a long-term protection effect that lasts up to 3 months. With a simple application of this product, you can return the original appearance to your tires and any other rubber surface, facilitating the cleaning of the surface and eliminating any trace of dirt or impurities.

  • RUBBER Coatings cleaner impregnates
    RUBBER PLASTICS DETAILER Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Product for quick care of plastic and rubber surfaces.


    It is a simple during application that can be used in any moment.

    The product perfectly brings out colour, gives excellent shine and water beading effect.

    The coating facilitates cleaning of the protected surfaces.

    Product is an excellent choice for those who appreciate their time and want to get instant results.



    Ceramic coating for car body protection with permanent Super-hydrophobic effect 9H+




    Ceramic coating for car body protection.




    Ceramic coating for windshield protection with durable hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect.