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  • remove_rust_directly_from_tools_equipment_vehicles

    Deruster – Rust remover

    Alkaline rust remover for surfaces stained with rust and iron residues 500ml.

    DERUSTER is NANOGO’s flagship product to combat and eliminate the presence of rust on all types of surfaces.A powerful alkaline product for removing rust from tools, equipment, vehicles, mineral and ceramic surfaces. It effectively dissolves and removes rust even from deep concrete pores and floor stones. It is not a “rust binder”, but a cleaner.

    The DERUSTER active formula is in charge of cleaning and dissolving the iron and oxide residues that accumulate on the affected surfaces.

    The potent cleaning chemicals in DERUSTER allow it to successfully remove even the most stubborn traces of rust and iron pollution.

    DERUSTER is ideal for cleaning metal parts and surfaces, car wheels, granite, stone, concrete, ceramics, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminium, and wherever the presence of rust exists. You won’t have to wait long to see the effects because it takes nearly no time to take action. To protect cleaned surfaces from new corrosion deposits, we recommend protecting the surface using NANO GO coating products.


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    • Brand: NANO GO
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: alkaline rust and iron residue remover.
    • Use: for concrete, stone, plastic, ceramics, metal, steel, aluminium, chrome.

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    Crystal glass shine

    CRYSTAL GLASS SHINE is a cleaner and polisher for glass, metal, chrome, ceramics, mirrors, TV screens or lacquered furniture, giving hydrophobic properties to cleaned surfaces. 500ml

    NANO GO CRYSTAL GLASS CLEANER has a unique formula that allows you to handle glass cleaning without much hassle. The product is ideal for removing grease, fingerprints, stains, dust, and dirt from car windows, mirrors, screens, ceramic tiles etc.
    The glass cleaner’s active ingredients and nanosilver particles allow achieving the best results – cleanliness and shine. Simultaneously, the cleaner creates a protective, hydrophobic, and anti-static layer, making the surfaces cleaner longer.
    The product has a higher concentration of active ingredients, which means that a small amount of product will suffice for effective cleaning. Just one spray of product is enough to remove even the heaviest dirt from surfaces. Otherwise – one purchased package will be enough for a long time.
    With NANO GO CRYSTAL GLASS CLEANER, forget that mirrors need to be cleaned every day!

    To maintain long-lasting cleanliness, we recommend NANO GO GLASS COATING, which provides self-cleaning properties.




    • RISK FREE PURCHASE:- As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of glass cleaning sprays and related products, we are so proud of our window cleaning spray that if you aren’t 100% happy within 30 days, we will offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: glass, glossy surfaces cleaner/polisher.
    • Application: glass, mirrors,TV, LCD screens, ceramics, chrome, metal, lacquered surfaces etc.

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    Alkaline de-greasing spray liquid for cleaning heavy, greasy, burnt-on dirt 500ml.

    Fats and burns in the kitchen can be overcome – NANO GO DEGREASER takes care of it!
    DEGREASER cleaner is a specialised powerful alkaline product for cleaning a wide range of kitchen surfaces such as worktops, tables, microwaves, ovens, fryers, burners, barbecues, smoking chambers, and any other surfaces that have been affected by soot, burns, smoke deposits, limescale, oil or grease.
    Eliminates annoying smells of grease or burnt oil.
    The product is enriched with descaling agents that can also remove limescale from surfaces.
    Removes even the deepest and oldest grease and other dirt.
    Bring the surface clean and shiny to your kitchen with NANO GO DEGREASER!

    • Brand: NANO GO
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: alkaline cleaner for greasy, baked, burnt, and smoked surfaces.
    • Usage: plastic, ceramic, metal, steel, aluminium, chrome, stone.


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  • aluminium cleaner

    Aluminium cleaner

    Universal alkaline cleaner for aluminium alloys with brightening effect 500ml.

    This high-quality universal wheel cleaner has an added brightening effect and can be used on any aluminium, silver or chrome surface. Originally formulated as a high powered car cleaning spray for aluminium rims, it can also be used for home or industrial purposes such as for aluminium sinks and pipes, cookers, tables and any other surface that may get exposed to dirt, grime and contaminants.
    The perfect formula, thanks to strong cleaning ingredients, quickly dissolves dirt and oxidation layer, removes stains and discolouration.
    After cleaning, aluminium is brightened and glossy.
    Ingredients of products have the ability to whiten aluminium and allow to remove the oxidation layer and restore the perfect appearance to mouldings and other elements made of aluminium.
    It is suitable for cleaning fuel tanks in trucks, alloy wheels etc.
    The product does not contain acids that corrode aluminium surfaces.


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    • Brand: NANO GO
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: brightening alkaline cleaner.
    • Usage: aluminium, chrome, silver, zink

  • textile-cleaner-furniture-cleanser

    Textile cleaner

    Sprayable textile cleaner, for cleaning all types of textiles, carpets, upholstered furniture, leather, eco-leather. 500ml.

    If you want your textiles, furniture, shoes, car upholstery or any fabric to be in perfect condition, choose NANO GO TEXTILE CLEANER.
    It is a universal tool for cleaning all types of textiles, eco-leather. Concentrated cleaning ingredients penetrate deep into any fabric, dissolving and cleaning many kinds of stains and dirt.
    The tool not only cleans deeply absorbed or stubborn dirt but also covers the fabric with a protective layer that repels dirt, preventing it from smearing again. Use a microfiber, soft cloth, or soft brush to spread the product on the textile surface you wish to clean and remove any stains or traces of dirt in seconds.
    Fear not. This product does not cause discolouration and does not leave stains or mechanical scratches during cleaning, affecting the textile surface’s aesthetic appearance.
    Just a few minutes with the NANO GO TEXTILE CLEANER, and the fabrics will be like new again!
    For long-term cleanliness, it is recommended to cover the cleaned surfaces with NANO GO TEXTILES COATING.


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    • RISK FREE PURCHASE:- As the UK’s leading supplier of home cleaning and car valeting products, we spend all of our time finding ways to improve the results our customers experience. We are so proud of our home and car cleaning products (especially this textile cleaner) that if you’re not 100% happy within 30 days, we’ll provide a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: universal textile cleaner.
    • Application: spray cleaner for all kinds of textiles, natural and synthetics.

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    all-purpose cleaner

    All purpose cleaner with Nanosilver 500ml

    Alkaline All-purpose cleaner with nanosilver for car detailing 500ml.

    NANO GO’s All Purpose Cleaner is a professional car cleaning spray for detailers. It’s also perfect for everyday cleaning all around your car, no matter what mess you need to clean up.

    Thanks to our unique formulation, high-quality ingredients, and the presence of nanosilver, our product doesn’t leave fat stains, is long-lasting, easy to use and more hygienic than mainstream competitors, and also leaves a protective layer that means you can save time on your cleaning and keep your car looking like new for longer.

    It’s designed to be gentle on all surfaces, so it won’t harm anything as it cleans. In addition to being strong enough to lift away stubborn dirt and grime, NANO GO’s All Purpose Cleaner also contains a pleasant scent. It has a slight apple smell that will leave your car with a fresh, clean-smelling.

    Cover the cleaned parts of the car interior with NANO GO INTERIOR PLASTIC COATING – Protective coating – matt nano polishing agent for interior plastic, leather, rubber.




    • RISK FREE PURCHASE: As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of car detailing products, we are so proud of our multipurpose cleaning spray that if you aren’t 100% happy within 30 days, we will offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: universal alkaline cleaner.
    • Application: Dashboard, Steering wheel, Seat upholstery, Car body, Floor mats, Leather interior, Rubber, Plastic parts etc.

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  • glass_nano_coating

    Glass coating

    GLASS COATING the protective nano-coating for glass, plastic, ceramic and other hard glossy surfaces 200ml.

    NANO GO coatings protect cleanliness, transparency, attractive appearance and self-cleaning properties.
    Self-cleaning properties are desirable in many products. NANO GO coatings increase the durability of the surface and reduce the formation of dirt. NANO GO coatings consolidate the surface and protect it from rust, and scratches formed in contact with dust or during cleaning.
    NANO GO coatings are resistant to UV and temperature changes. Nanoparticles used in NANO GO products are smaller than micropores. They chemically bond to the surface walls and make them hydrophobic. The surface becomes hydrophobic, and the resulting water vapour can, without any problem, leave the structure. The surface becomes completely “breathable”.
    The modern NANO GO GLASS COATING is an alcohol suspension of silicon-based nanoparticles, which guarantees safe use and does not burden the environment. The product is easy to apply by spraying and polishing with a microfiber cloth. NANO GO GLASS COATING formula contains silica nano compounds, creating a special coating that provides hydrophobic and oleophobic properties on the surfaces where it is applied.
    The protective layer formed is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosive chemicals that damage surfaces, causing opacity and limiting vision.
    It dramatically facilitates cleaning and returns the shine to your surfaces.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: protective, hydrophobic – oleophobic coating for glass and hard glossy surfaces.
    • Application: glass, glazed ceramics, fireplace glass, hard surfaces.


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    interior plastic coating

    Interior plastic coating

    Protective coating – polish for interior plastic coating 200ml.

    Thanks to the active NANO GO INTERIOR PLASTIC COATING polish formula, which contains nano-silica compounds, plastic, fittings or eco-leather details in your home or car will shine clean!
    The interior plastic polish creates a protective layer that protects plastic products, rubber, painted plastic parts, and furniture fittings from dust and dirt—ideal for covering car interior plastic parts, rubber products, vinyl, and artificial leather.
    The hydrophobic coating repels dirt and protects against water and against, for example, moisture, UV rays, dust, and dirt that can damage the car’s interior elements.
    Simultaneously, the coating creates a natural satin shine – the elements covered with the product look new. However, the coated surface does not look as wet, greasy or glossy.
    For the best results, to keep the surface perfectly clean for as long as possible, it is recommended first to clean the surface with NANO GO UNIVERSAL ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER and then apply it with a hydrophobic coating.
    With INTERIOR PLASTIC COATING, you will enjoy longer cleanliness and easy maintenance of plastics and fittings!

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: protective coating for interior plastic, fittings (glossy and matt), car interior parts.
    • Usage: compatible with all types of plastic, rubber, vinyl, eco-leather, and varnished surfaces.


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    exterior plastic coating

    Exterior plastic coating

    Protective coating for exterior plastics protection 200ml.

    NANO GO Exterior Plastic Matte Coating is a high-performance product designed to enhance the appearance and protection of various exterior plastic surfaces on your car.

    The hydrophobic properties provide excellent protection against UV rays, and fading caused by the sun’s harsh rays, repelling water, preventing water spots and making it easier to clean your car.

    Furthermore, it restores the colour and natural tones of the surface while creating a thin, natural satin-matte layer. The product absorbs well into the plastic, leaving no oily or shiny residue.

    With Exterior Plastic Matte Coating you can achieve a matte finish on your car’s plastic surfaces, giving your car a modern and stylish look. It will enhance the appearance of your car while providing superior protection.

    With NANO GO Exterior Plastic Matte Coating, you can rest assured that your exterior plastic and rubber parts will be shielded from harmful contaminants such as dirt, dust, and pollutants.

    It considerably improves the efficiency of cleaning and protects environmental agents that can damage plastic surfaces.




    • RISK FREE PURCHASE: With a single application lasting up to 6 months, there isn’t a better protective plastic sealant available. We’re so proud of our product that if you don’t feel the same way in 30 days, we’ll offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: plastic refurbishment agent, protective coating for external plastics protection.
    • Application: vinyl, plastic, rubber, plastic trims.

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    tyre dressing

    Tyre Dressing Matt

    Tyre Dressing – protective matt coating for tyres and rubber elements 200ml.

    NANO GO TYRE DRESSING has been manufactured with powerful cleaning ingredients to offer maximum protection and more efficient cleaning on tires and any other rubber surface.
    TYRE DRESSING not only penetrates deep into the rubber fibres but also cleans and protects the surface against natural agents that degrade the integrity of the tires.
    This product’s innovative formula contains silicon particles, providing a long-term protection effect that lasts up to 3 months. With a simple application of this product, you can return the original appearance to your tires and any other rubber surface, facilitating the cleaning of the surface and eliminating any trace of dirt or impurities.


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    • RISK FREE PURCHASE:– Thanks to our regular testing and unique design process, there isn’t a better black tyre dressing available. We’re so proud of our product that if you don’t feel the same way in 30 days, we’ll offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: wet-look, protective coating on tires and rubber elements.
    • Usage: rubber, tires.

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    Textiles coating

    Textiles coating is a hydrophobic-oleophobic, water-based product designed to protect all types of natural and synthetic fabrics 200ml.

    TEXTILE COATING is a water-based product designed to protect fabrics.
    Ideal for all types of clothing (jackets, sportswear, outerwear), furniture, carpets, vehicle upholstery and seats.
    Our textile coating is made from an aqueous suspension of nanoparticles based on silicon, which guarantees your fabrics’ more profound and effective protection and cleanliness.
    The active formula penetrates the depths of tissues and creates a layer that repels water, dirt, grease and any dirt in general.
    This product is compatible with all types of natural and synthetic fabrics.
    Our textile coating does not cause discolouration, so your textiles will not lose their natural colour.
    After a proper application, the durability of the coating is about five washing cycles.
    To keep the textile coating durability as long as possible and your products clean as long as possible, we recommend cleaning with TEXTILE CLEANER before applying the coating product.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: hydrophobic and oleophobic protective coating for all types of textiles.
    • Application: textiles (natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic).


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    air feshener fragrance free

    Fragrance-free air freshener

    Fragrance-free air freshener – odourless freshener 200ml.

    Odourless freshener designed to eliminate odours, refresh and deodorize rooms, vehicles, fabrics, clothing, footwear, wardrobes, furniture.
    The high content of active substances and Nanosilver guarantees long-lasting removal of unpleasant odours and prevents them from return.
    Suitable for fragrance-free air freshening and odour control in public environments, offices spaces and other large or small commercial areas.


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    • RISK FREE PURCHASE:- We’re so proud of our product that if you aren’t 100% happy within 30 days, we will offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: deodorant for eliminating odours.
    • Application: refresh and deodorize rooms, vehicles, fabrics, clothing, footwear, wardrobes, furniture.

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    hydrophobic leather coating

    Hydrophobic leather coating

    Protective – hydrophobic – anti-static – nano-coating – leather polish 200ml.

    NANO GO LEATHER COATING is specially manufactured for maximum protection of natural leather.
    Protects, enhances, and returns the natural colour of the leather while protecting it from dirt and dust.
    Thanks to the nanosilver particles that make up the innovative active formula of LEATHER COATING, it protects the leather surfaces from cracking and the drying effect caused by heat.
    It greatly facilitates the cleaning processes on leather surfaces after the application of the product offers visible results in a matter of minutes.
    It can be applied to different types of leather, from natural to synthetic without causing negative effects or loss of colour.
    The unique composition nourishes the leather, protects it from drying out and cracking.
    The product contains nanosilver, which guarantees the highest sanitary quality.

    For best results, to keep the leather perfectly clean for as long as possible, it is recommended clean the leather using NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: protective leather cream with hydrophobic properties.
    • Usage: genuine leather, Eco-leather.

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  • leather foam nano cleaner

    Leather foam cleaner

    NANO GO Leather foam cleaner is intended for cleaning all types of leather. 250ml.

    Shoes, leather furniture, leather car seats and all other leather products for your home, car or office will be kept clean and tidy by using NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER.
    The cleaning foam is specially made for the care, protection and deep cleaning of all types of leather, suede, Eco and genuine leather. Thanks to the product’s active ingredients, nanosilver particles penetrate the fibre’s deepest part and provide exceptional protection against microbes.
    Unlike simple leather cleansers, NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER does not dry the leather, so it does not crack and remains elastic and soft. It is ideal for cleaning shoes, belts, jackets, furniture, upholstery, car seats or any other leather. The foam can dissolve even the heaviest dirt, guaranteeing an effective result in minutes.
    After cleaning the smooth leather, we recommend applying NANO GO HYDROPHOBIC LEATHER COATING – cream.
    For footwear made of suede, split leather, eco or genuine leather, we suggest after cleaning to make a coating with NANO GO FOOTWEAR PROTECTOR.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: foam for leather cleaning.
    • Application: natural leather, suede, eco-leather and nubuck.


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