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  • APC Coatings cleaner impregnates
    All purpose cleaner Coatings cleaner impregnates


    All-purpose cleaner

    Our All Purpose Cleaner is a multi-purpose and universal application cleaning product.  It works on all types of surface, external or internal, and regardless of manufacturing material, like wood, iron, steel, plastic, fabric or upholstery.  It is ideal to clean any dirt on the body of your car, or even remove stains on the upholstery of the seats.

    With the All Purpose Cleaner you have all the power of the best cleaning ingredients in a single product.  Its active formula is able to tear up the deepest stain of dirt, without diminishing the surface shine where it is applied.  The chemical ingredients of this product create a protective layer that keeps stains and traces of dirt and grease away.

    Now you don’t need to spend a lot of money on specific cleaners for everything, simply with All Purpose Cleaner you can clean any surface and get a more efficient result.  In addition, this product does not contain chemical compounds that produce allergy and is totally chlorine free.  Say goodbye to dirt and return beauty and shine to your surfaces.



    Efficient product for glass cleaning with hydrophobic effect.

    Our Glass Cleaner contains a special formula that improves and facilitates cleaning on glass surfaces, it is ideal for removing stains, dust and any other impurity on windows, mirrors, and windshields.

    Thanks to the active ingredients of the Glass Cleaner, your crystals surfaces will recover and maintain an impeccable shine.  With just one application of the product is enough to remove even the slightest impurity on the glass surfaces.

    Our patented formula creates a protective, hydrophobic and antistatic layer on glass surfaces, offering better protection against dust and stains, forget about having to clean your mirrors every day!  With a single application of our product you can leave your mirrors, windows, windshields, and any glass surface, as shiny as silver.

    ALUMINIUM, CHROME Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Universal cleaner for aluminium and chrome surfaces with brightening effect

    It is a universal cleaner for aluminium surfaces, especially focused on those at home.
    Bathroom faucets, pipes, tables, sinks, cooks and any other piece of aluminium that has been exposed to rust, oxidation, corrosion, grease or dirt (DO NOT USE ON CERAMICS).
    Aluminium is a very difficult material to clean, but thanks to the active formula with nanosilver particles this task will be much easier.
    The nanosilver particles penetrate the deepest surfaces and quickly dissolve dirt and traces of rust.
    It considerably improves the cleaning process of aluminium surfaces, while returning the brightness and colour that have been affected by dirt.
    ALUMINIUM CLEANER HOME is ideal for removing rust on bathroom faucets, with its powerful cleaning ingredients creates a coating that repels dirt and delays the natural oxidation process caused by water.

  • ACTIVE BATHROOM LIME SCALES Coatings cleaner impregnates
    Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Bathroom surfaces cleaner.

    Active Bath is our flagship product specialised in cleaning bathroom or kitchen surfaces.  Say goodbye to limescale, dirt, grease, traces of soap, and rust stains that detract beauty and shine on their surfaces.

    Active Bath ingredients provide a thin layer of protection that repels all types of dirt.  The nanosilver particles are the main ingredient of Active Bath, they are responsible for removing any trace of dirt or stains, while leaving a pleasant smell on the surfaces where it is applied.

    As if this were not enough, Active Bath has a much higher level of effectiveness than any other surface cleaning product, with a higher concentration of active ingredients, which means that a single application will suffice for effective cleaning.  This considerably increases the life of this product and guarantees an approximate duration of 100 applications.


  • ALL PURPOSE CLEANER Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner.

    The APC Cleaner Max is a powerful cleaner of all types of surfaces.  Its renewed formula has highly concentrated active ingredients, which are responsible for removing any impurity in minutes.  This is a multipurpose product compatible with all types of materials such as: plastic, metal, steel, aluminium, wood, etc.

    It is ideal to remove those difficult stains that do not disappear with traditional methods, the concentrated APC Cleaner Max formula contains active ingredients capable of cleaning all types of impurities, and above all, maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the surfaces on which it is applied.  Rust stains are not a problem either, use our APC Cleaner Max and end up with the annoying traces of rust on the metal.  In addition, the nanosilver particles that make up the formula of this product help delay the natural ageing of metals, adding useful time and combating rusting processes.

    Warning: may cause discoloration when applied to leather surfaces or other fabrics, the use of protective gloves is recommended when you use this product.

  • LEATHER FOAM Coatings cleaner impregnates
    LEATHER FOAM Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Foam for leather cleaning

    Our LEATHER FOAM CLEANER is a product specially manufactured for the care, protection and deep cleaning of all types of leather, suede, ecological and synthetic leather. Thanks to the active ingredients of the product, the nanosilver particles penetrate to the deepest part of the fibres and provide extreme protection against dirt and all kinds of impurities, with a simple application the cleaning process is greatly facilitated.

    In addition, LEATHER FOAM CLEANER does not produce cracks on the leather nor does it dry it. It is ideal for cleaning shoes, belts, jackets, upholstery, car seats or any other leather fabric. The foam is able to dissolve even the smallest dirt, guaranteed an effective result in a few minutes.

  • OIL GRASE DEGREASER Coatings cleaner impregnates
    OIL GREASE DEGREASER Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Degreasing liquid for heavy greasy dirt

    Product for degreasing ovens, grills, fireplaces.

    Product is also enriched with destoning agents for removing lime residues from surfaces.


  • RUSTS REMOVER Coatings cleaner impregnates
    RUST REMOVER DERUSTER Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Cleaner for surfaces stained with rust and iron residues.

    A powerful agent for thorough cleaning surfaces stained with rust and iron residues.

    The product perfectly dissolves rust and iron deposits, and powerful detergents dissolve dirt and ease removing them from pores of surface.

    The product is excellent for cleaning vehicles, tools, equipment, granite, painted surfaces, paving and concrete.

  • TEXTILES PROTECTOR Coatings cleaner impregnates
    TEXTILE CLEANER Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Sprayable cleaner for all kinds of textiles

    Universal cleaning agent for textiles.


  • CLEANING ALLOYS RIMS Coatings cleaner impregnates
    BLEEDING RIMS Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Rims cleaner with bleeding effect

    A powerful agent for thorough cleaning of rims and car paint.

    The product perfectly dissolves brake dust and iron deposits.


    The product also removes rust and rusty stains from paving and concrete.

    Product are compatible with each rims types:

    aluminium, steal and lacquered.

    ALUMINIUM CHROME Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Universal cleaner for aluminium alloys with brightening effect

    It is a universal cleaner for aluminium surfaces, especially focused on those that are for industrial use.
    Machinery, outdoor parts, tools, and any other piece of aluminium that has been exposed to rust or dirt.
    Aluminium is a very difficult material to clean, but thanks to the active formula with nanosilver particles this task will be much easier.
    The nanosilver particles penetrate the deepest surfaces and quickly dissolve dirt and traces of rust.
    It considerably improves the cleaning process of aluminium surfaces, while returning the brightness and colour that have been affected by dirt.
    ALUMINIUM CLEANER INDUSTRIAL is ideal for removing rust on aluminium elements that are exposed to water or other agents that cause deterioration, with its powerful cleaning ingredients creates a coating that repels dirt and delays the natural oxidation process caused by the water.

    The product can be used in both home and industrial applications.

  • DIRT REMOVER Coatings cleaner impregnates
    DIRT ELIMINATOR Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Product for removing glue, markers, bitumen and greasy stains

    Extremely effective product that emulsifying the most stubborn dirt, Including asphalt, bituminous deposits, resin, glue and insects.

    It removes stubborn dirt without intensive scrubbing.

  • ACTIVE FOAM CAR Coatings cleaner impregnates
    ACTIVE FOAM CAR WASHING Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Highly concentrated active foam for car cleaning

    It is the ultimate product for the absolute cleaning of vehicles, ideal for pre-washing of bodies, or any other part that has been exposed to dirt. The active foam formula guarantees a deep cleaning that removes even the slightest impurity or dirt trail.

    The use of this product does not damage the paint or reduce shine, it is ideal to use before SHAMPOO WITH WAX to ensure more efficient cleaning. Thanks to the powerful cleaning ingredients, this product is ideal for use on large body vehicles such as tractors or trucks.

    Say goodbye to having to work too hard to remove small stains, with a simple application of ACTIVE FOAM MAX it will be enough to remove any traces of dirt and leave the body of your vehicle as new.


  • CAR BODY CLEANER Coatings cleaner impregnates
    WAX AND BUGS REMOVER Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Strong cleaner for car body and rims

    WAX AND BUGS REMOVER is specially manufactured to completely and efficiently remove traces and debris left by wax products on the body of your car.
    It is ideal to remove the residue that remains on the surface of your car, especially if you are using paint or gloss protectors.
    Thanks to the application of this product the effect of the protective coatings will be even more effective and will last much longer, in the same way, it complements the cleaning effect when the minimum traces of wax disappear without subtracting brightness or colour from the bodywork.

    FOOTWEAR PROTECTION Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Footwear protector.

    This product has been created specifically for the protection of all types of fabrics, and especially leather.  Our Footwear Protector is characterized by providing maximum level protection against external agents that can damage the fibre, and is compatible with all types of fabrics, from natural to synthetic, leather, cotton, fabric, etc.

    Thanks to the chemical components of the highest level, the Footwear Protector penetrates the fibre to its main centre, joining it and covering it with a chemical layer that repels all kinds of impurities.  Grease stains, dirt, dust, stains, and any substance that may damage the fibre are repelled by the chemical protection system.

    Footwear Protector considerably facilitates the cleaning of leather and any other type of fabric, thanks to the nanoplate particles that fight impurities regardless of their size.  Our product is totally free of allergic and bleaching compounds, so your clothes will never lose their brightness and colour.

  • PLASTICS Coatings cleaner impregnates
    INTERIOR PLASTICS COATING Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Protective coating for internal plastic protection

    Compatible with all types of plastic, rubber and vinyl.
    Perfect car dressing for refreshing and protecting the dashboard and internal plastics.
    The Innovative formula ensures perfect colour extraction and gives satin gloss.

    The product is characterised by high efficiency and excellent protective properties.

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    EXTERIOR PLASTICS Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Protective coating for external plastics protection

    EXTERIOR PLASTIC COATING – advanced impregnate for external plastics.
    The product strongly binds to the surface of the plastic, creates a durable coating that protects the vehicle from the adhesion of dust, dirt and road salt.
    The impregnation deepens the colour and guarantees excellent water beading.

  • LEATHER MILK Coatings cleaner impregnates
    LEATHER COATING Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Hydrophobic coating for leather protection


    LEATHER COATING – is a protective coating dedicated to natural leather.

    It extracts colour and protects the leather against penetration of water and dirt.

    The unique composition nourishes the skin, protects it from drying out and cracking.

    The product contains Nanosilver, which guarantees the highest sanitary quality.

  • TECTILES COATING Coatings cleaner impregnates
    LEATHER TEXTILE COATING Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Hydrophobic coating for fabrics protection.

    TEXTILES COATING – is a water-based product for the protection of fabrics. It penetrates deeply into the fibre structure (natural, synthetic and semi synthetic) creating a thin layer that repels water, fatty substances and dirt, which significantly facilitates cleaning and protects against re-soiling.
    The product is compatible with all types of fabrics as well as with the leather (both natural and artificial).
    The product does not cause discoloration.

    GLASS AND MIRROR Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Protective coating for glass and glazed ceramics.

    It offers the best protection against chemical agents that cause deterioration on glass and glazed surfaces.
    Ideal to protect the windows and mirrors of your home or the windshields of your vehicle.

    The renewed GLASS COATING formula contains nanosilver particles, creating a special coating that provides hydrophobic and oleophobic properties on the surfaces where it is applied.
    The protective layer formed is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosive chemicals that damage glass surfaces, causing an opacity effect and limiting vision.
    It greatly facilitates cleaning and returns the shine to your mirrors and windshields.
    Eliminates impurities accumulated on glass surfaces and prevents them from getting dirty again.
    This effect is of long duration that extends until 18 months, after that period of time it is necessary to reapply the product.

  • METAL RUSTS PROTECTOR Coatings cleaner impregnates
    METAL PROTECTOR Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Protective coating for rims and metal elements.

    Metal protector – advanced protective coating for metal surfaces.

    Product strongly binds to the surface of the metal and creates chemical bonds that guarantee high durability.

    The coating facilitates cleaning, repels water and dirt, and protects against road salt.

    CAR BODY Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Hydrophobic coating for car body protection.

    Car body coating – excellent, universal coating for protection of all external elements of the car (glass, mirrors, body, plastics).

    The advanced composition of the product allows you to protect the vehicle up to 12 months from application date.

    Coating is easy during application and very efficient.

  • CAR GLASS FOG ELIMINATOR Coatings cleaner impregnates
    FOG ELIMINATOR Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Coating for anti-fogging protection

    FOG ELIMINATOR – anti-fog coating. It perfectly covers surfaces of windows and mirrors and creates a layer limiting the settling of steam on a protected surface.

  • CAR SHAMPOO Coatings cleaner impregnates
    CS SHAMPOO WITH WAX Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Highly concentrated car shampoo for car body general cleaning with wax additives.

    This shampoo has a 2-in-1 effect, not only offering efficient cleaning on the surface of your car but also creating a protective layer that has hydrophobic properties and leaves a glowing effect on the paint.
    It is the ideal product for those who wash their car by hand and expect fast results.
    Remove even the slightest presence of dirt or impurities on the car body, stains disappear and leave a wonderful effect of shine on the paint.
    It is recommended to use this product after applying any cleaning foam as a pre-wash method.
    However, it is not recommended to use SHAMPOO WITH WAX after using any type of protective wax, because it prevents it from adhering properly to the car body.
    Recommended dilution – 1:100 (strong dirt); 1:150 (daily care).

  • TYRE DRESSING Coatings cleaner impregnates
    TYRES, TIRES DRESSING Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Protective coating for tyres and rubber elements

    This product has been manufactured with powerful cleaning ingredients to offer maximum protection and more efficient cleaning on tires and any other rubber surface.
    TIRE DRESSING not only penetrates deep into the rubber fibres but also cleans and protects the surface against natural agents that degrade the integrity of the tires.
    The innovative formula of this product contains silicon particles, providing a long-term protection effect that lasts up to 3 months. With a simple application of this product, you can return the original appearance to your tires and any other rubber surface, facilitating the cleaning of the surface and eliminating any trace of dirt or impurities.

  • RUBBER Coatings cleaner impregnates
    RUBBER PLASTICS DETAILER Coatings cleaner impregnates


    Product for quick care of plastic and rubber surfaces.


    It is a simple during application that can be used in any moment.

    The product perfectly brings out colour, gives excellent shine and water beading effect.

    The coating facilitates cleaning of the protected surfaces.

    Product is an excellent choice for those who appreciate their time and want to get instant results.




    Perfect freshener with an intense fragrance.
    Highly concentrated fragrance compositions release over a long period of time, ensuring durable effect
    The product is available in several variants of fragrances, so it always meets the tastes of final users.




    Ceramic coating for car body protection with permanent Super-hydrophobic effect 9H+




    Ceramic coating for car body protection.




    Ceramic coating for windshield protection with durable hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect.






    Detailing clay for precise car body cleaning.

    Car body claying safely remove the most of stubborn dirt from the surface: asphalt and resin from trees.
    The use of clay with lubricant completely eliminates dirt, removing their residues from the paint poros, which is of groat importance before the application of protective coatings.
    NANOCLAY PRO – innovative detailing clay created for thorough cleaning of car body.
    Clay contain titanium and silicon Nanocompounds, thanks to which it removes dirt at the molecular level.
    Thinking about professionals, we created 3 clay grades depending on the type of car paint and the retirements of the Detailers.
    In contrast to commonly available clay, NANOCLAY PRO has a pleasant, fruity fragrance, thanks to which working with it is pure pleasure.


  • POLISHING COMPOUND Coatings cleaner impregnates

    Polishing 3 IN 1 COMPOUND

    Polishing 3 IN 1 COMPOUND


    For perfect restoration of the factory look for car paint, a full correction should be made using polishing compounds.

    This is the only method that prevents painting the car body. Of course, very deep scratches, which reach the undercoat layer, can not be removed by this method, but they constitute only a small percent in the total number of scratches on the body.

    What’s more, surface scratches cause a general mattifying effect on the body.
    The 3 IN 1 COMPOUND product have been developed using environmentally safe technologies.

    Thanks to this, we eliminated silicone and petroleum-based solvents from the ingredients list. As a result, the products do not leave oily, hard to clean surfaces. All traces of polishing paste can be easily removed using a pressure cleaner.



    Pre-wash activator

    Pre-washing removes superficial dirt, dust, road salt and slush, which could damage the paint during manual washing.
    The advantage of pre-cleaning Is the effective softening of dirt and lifting them on the surface of the foam, which stick to the car body and penetrates deep Into the fissures and nooks.
    Thanks to this, we can remove preliminary Impurities without manual contact, which protects the car body during further cleaning.



    Snow foam for general cleaning

    Active foam for special tasks.

    The strong cleaning agents penetrate deeply Into the din structure, dissolves and removes It from the surface of the vehicle.

    The product creates a dense, firmly sticking foam that ensures rapid action.

    The product can be used for thorough washing of cars, large-surface vehicles etc. trucks, trailers or machines.

    Recommended dilution: 1-3%.



    Wheels cleaner

    Highly concentrated product for thorough cleaning of rims.
    An alkaline formulation that perfectly cleans any kind of rims.
    The advanced composition guarantees effective removal of road dirt, emulsifies the stubborn stains and allows you to regain perfect cleanliness In every corner of the rim.
    Recommended dilution: 10-20%.



    Brush shampoo

    General washing allows you to remove all mobile dirt left behind after pre-washing with active foam.
    The composition of cleaners guarantees the dissolution of stubborn din, and at the same time does not affect the quality of the car paint.
    The concentrated composition ensures high efficiency and excellent value for money.

  • WAX

    NG – 3 in 1 WAX

    NG – 3 in 1 WAX

    The last step during car washing Is applying protective coatings.
    Their goal Is to protect and shine the car’s body.
    An effective formulation should guarantee perfect water beading, protect against harmful substances (bird droppings, acid rains, road salt) and significantly facilitate next cleaning.
    In addition, it should Improve the texture of the bodywork and give It an excellent gloss.
    The achievements of chemistry have allowed us to obtain a product combining all these functions In one product.
    Recommended dilution: 0.5-1%.