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  • Active-foam-max

    Active foam max

    Highly concentrated active foam for car cleaning.

    It is the ultimate product for the absolute cleaning of vehicles, ideal for pre-washing of bodies, or any other part that has been exposed to dirt. The active foam formula guarantees a deep cleaning that removes even the slightest impurity or dirt trail.

    The use of this product does not damage the paint or reduce shine, it is ideal to use before SHAMPOO WITH WAX to ensure more efficient cleaning. Thanks to the powerful cleaning ingredients, this product is ideal for use on large body vehicles such as tractors or trucks.

    Say goodbye to having to work too hard to remove small stains, with a simple application of ACTIVE FOAM MAX it will be enough to remove any traces of dirt and leave the body of your vehicle as new.

  • polishing 3 in 1 compound

    Polishing 3 in 1 compound

    Polishing 3 IN 1 COMPOUND

    For perfect restoration of the factory look for car paint, full correction should be made using polishing compounds.
    This is the only method that prevents painting the car body. Of course, very deep scratches, which reach the undercoat layer, can not be removed by this method, but they constitute only a small percent in the total number of scratches on the body.
    What’s more, surface scratches cause a general mattifying effect on the body.
    The 3 IN 1 COMPOUND product have been developed using environmentally safe technologies.
    Thanks to this, we eliminated silicone and petroleum-based solvents from the ingredients list. As a result, the products do not leave oily, hard to clean surfaces. All traces of polishing paste can be easily removed using a pressure cleaner.

  • hand active dish washing

    Active dishwashing

    Active dishwashing cleaner 500ml.

    Highly concentrated product for manual dishwashing.
    Product is phosphate-free and is environmental friendly.
    Product is not suitable for mechanical dishwashers.
    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: dishwasher detergent.
    • Application: for ceramics, glass, plastic, chrome, painted surfaces, rubber, metal, steel, aluminium.


  • eliminator


    Product for removing glue, markers, bitumen and greasy stains 200ml.

    This product is ideal for extreme and deep cleaning on all types of surfaces.
    The renewed Eliminator formula is responsible for removing dirt at its lowest level: ink, chewing gum, bitumen, glue, adhesives, tar, natural resins, grease … etc.
    The active ingredients of this product remove any type of dirt insoluble in common water, without using aggressive solvents, or chlorine compounds that can be harmful to health.
    It can be applied on hard surfaces such as polished stone, plastic, wood, metal, glass, etc.
    And also in textiles, carpets, and most natural or synthetic fabrics.
    Warning: before a complete application, it is advisable to apply a small amount of the product to confirm its compatibility with the surface on where you intend to use it.

  • graffiti remover

    Graffiti remover

    Graffiti paint remover

    The highly effective Graffiti cleaner is designed to remove graffiti paint from various painted and varnished surfaces. The product is made of natural materials, without aggressive chemicals, and soluble in water, so it is possible to safely remove graffiti paint from the body of a car, truck, bus or train, from various metal, plastic, and glass surfaces.

    The spray paint penetrates deeply into the surface and strongly adheres to it. Graffiti paint is also resistant to frequently used cleaning and washing agents.

    NANO GO GRAFFITI CLEANER solves this problem. The solution is based on organic solvents capable of dissolving sprayed graffiti paint on painted or varnished surfaces.

    GRAFFITI CLEANER is in liquid form and perfectly penetrates the structure of the paint. The product is also amphiphilic – it is soluble in water and organic solvents. It is used for cleaning waterproof surfaces.

    If you often have to clean graffiti, this tool will definitely become an irreplaceable saviour!

    Brand: NANO GO®
    Origin: Great Britain
    Type: graffiti spray paint remover, for cleaning waterproof surfaces.
    Application: for plastic, metal, steel, aluminium, chrome, painted surfaces, waterproof coatings.

  • ng-activator


    Pre-wash activator

    Pre-washing removes superficial dirt, dust, road salt and slush, which could damage the paint during manual washing.
    The advantage of pre-cleaning Is the effective softening of dirt and lifting them on the surface of the foam, which stick to the car body and penetrates deep Into the fissures and nooks.
    Thanks to this, we can remove preliminary Impurities without manual contact, which protects the car body during further cleaning.