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  • tyre dressing

    Tyre Dressing Matt

    Tyre Dressing – protective matt coating for tyres and rubber elements 200ml.

    NANO GO TYRE DRESSING has been manufactured with powerful cleaning ingredients to offer maximum protection and more efficient cleaning on tires and any other rubber surface.
    TYRE DRESSING not only penetrates deep into the rubber fibres but also cleans and protects the surface against natural agents that degrade the integrity of the tires.
    This product’s innovative formula contains silicon particles, providing a long-term protection effect that lasts up to 3 months. With a simple application of this product, you can return the original appearance to your tires and any other rubber surface, facilitating the cleaning of the surface and eliminating any trace of dirt or impurities.


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    • RISK FREE PURCHASE:– Thanks to our regular testing and unique design process, there isn’t a better black tyre dressing available. We’re so proud of our product that if you don’t feel the same way in 30 days, we’ll offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: wet-look, protective coating on tires and rubber elements.
    • Usage: rubber, tires.

  • footwear protector

    Footwear protector

    Footwear protector 200ml.

    NANO GO FOOTWEAR PROTECTOR has been created specifically for the protection of all types of footwear.
    The product is based on a reliable water-based formula with nanosilver compounds.
    NANO GO Footwear Protector is characterised by providing maximum level protection against external agents that can damage the fibre, and is compatible with all types of fabrics, from natural to synthetic, leather, cotton, fabric, etc.
    Thanks to the highest level’s chemical components, the Footwear Protector penetrates the fibre to its main centre, joining it and covering it with a chemical layer that repels all kinds of impurities.
    The chemical protection system repels grease stains, dirt, dust, stains, and any substance that may damage the fibre.
    Footwear Protector considerably facilitates the cleaning of leather and any other fabric type, thanks to the nanosilver particles that fight impurities regardless of their size.
    NANO GO Footwear Protector is free of bleaching compounds, so your footwear will never lose its brightness and colour.
    For long-term cleanliness and a long coating life, it is recommended to clean the leather footwear with NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: hydrophobic protective nano-coating for all types of footwear.
    • Usage: all kinds and types of textile and leather footwear.


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  • textiles-nano-coating

    Textiles coating

    Textiles coating is a hydrophobic-oleophobic, water-based product designed to protect all types of natural and synthetic fabrics 200ml.

    TEXTILE COATING is a water-based product designed to protect fabrics.
    Ideal for all types of clothing (jackets, sportswear, outerwear), furniture, carpets, vehicle upholstery and seats.
    Our textile coating is made from an aqueous suspension of nanoparticles based on silicon, which guarantees your fabrics’ more profound and effective protection and cleanliness.
    The active formula penetrates the depths of tissues and creates a layer that repels water, dirt, grease and any dirt in general.
    This product is compatible with all types of natural and synthetic fabrics.
    Our textile coating does not cause discolouration, so your textiles will not lose their natural colour.
    After a proper application, the durability of the coating is about five washing cycles.
    To keep the textile coating durability as long as possible and your products clean as long as possible, we recommend cleaning with TEXTILE CLEANER before applying the coating product.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: hydrophobic and oleophobic protective coating for all types of textiles.
    • Application: textiles (natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic).


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  • leather foam nano cleaner

    Leather foam cleaner

    NANO GO Leather foam cleaner is intended for cleaning all types of leather. 250ml.

    Shoes, leather furniture, leather car seats and all other leather products for your home, car or office will be kept clean and tidy by using NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER.
    The cleaning foam is specially made for the care, protection and deep cleaning of all types of leather, suede, Eco and genuine leather. Thanks to the product’s active ingredients, nanosilver particles penetrate the fibre’s deepest part and provide exceptional protection against microbes.
    Unlike simple leather cleansers, NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER does not dry the leather, so it does not crack and remains elastic and soft. It is ideal for cleaning shoes, belts, jackets, furniture, upholstery, car seats or any other leather. The foam can dissolve even the heaviest dirt, guaranteeing an effective result in minutes.
    After cleaning the smooth leather, we recommend applying NANO GO HYDROPHOBIC LEATHER COATING – cream.
    For footwear made of suede, split leather, eco or genuine leather, we suggest after cleaning to make a coating with NANO GO FOOTWEAR PROTECTOR.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: foam for leather cleaning.
    • Application: natural leather, suede, eco-leather and nubuck.


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  • hydrophobic leather coating

    Hydrophobic leather coating

    Protective – hydrophobic – anti-static – nano-coating – leather polish 200ml.

    NANO GO LEATHER COATING is specially manufactured for maximum protection of natural leather.
    Protects, enhances, and returns the natural colour of the leather while protecting it from dirt and dust.
    Thanks to the nanosilver particles that make up the innovative active formula of LEATHER COATING, it protects the leather surfaces from cracking and the drying effect caused by heat.
    It greatly facilitates the cleaning processes on leather surfaces after the application of the product offers visible results in a matter of minutes.
    It can be applied to different types of leather, from natural to synthetic without causing negative effects or loss of colour.
    The unique composition nourishes the leather, protects it from drying out and cracking.
    The product contains nanosilver, which guarantees the highest sanitary quality.

    For best results, to keep the leather perfectly clean for as long as possible, it is recommended clean the leather using NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: protective leather cream with hydrophobic properties.
    • Usage: genuine leather, Eco-leather.

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  • daily floor cleaning concentrate

    Daily floor cleaning concentrate

    The floor cleaner is intended for washing all types of waterproof floors 500ml.

    Extremely high-quality, highly concentrated, alkaline product for daily thorough floor cleaning created by scientists using the latest nanotechnology. Thanks to its advanced formula, the low-foaming DAILY FLOOR is perfect for daily mechanical or automatic floor cleaning.

    The product quickly removes various stubborn dirt and grease stains. The floor acquires an antistatic effect, which keeps it clean longer, and repels dust, dirt, and pet hair. After washing the floor, greasy stains do not stick, and they are easily washed off with the next wash. Active nanosilver particles reduce the growth of microbes, fungi, and mould. Prevents unpleasant odours and their rapid appearance. The product is perfect for washing rooms with a lot of moisture (baths, saunas, swimming pools).

    The solution perfectly eliminates dirt from cleansed surfaces without leaving any streaks or stains due to its enhanced formulation. Surfaces such as ceramic, clay, stone tiles, natural wood floors, and parquet or laminate flooring. After cleaning, the floor remains clean and has a pleasant smell for a long time. The product’s active ingredients are based on safe, organic detergents that help us protect the natural environment.

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    • RISK FREE PURCHASE:- We’re so proud of our product that if you aren’t 100% happy within 30 days, we will offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Country of origin: Great Britain
    • Type: alkaline nano floor cleaner, concentrated.
    • Application: for washing all types of waterproof floors.

  • descaler pro

    Descaler pro

    Limescale cleaner 500ml.

    Concentrated descaler – DESCALER PRO stands out as a highly reliable descaler for removing limescale and soap scum from alkaline and acid-resistant surfaces. Its powerful formula, capable of tackling even the toughest buildup, makes it an excellent choice for maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom and kitchen. With its versatility in cleaning different surfaces, DESCALER PRO proves to be an indispensable cleaner for domestic users and cleaning professionals alike.

    • Brand: NANO GO
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: limescale remover.
    • Use: various materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, plastic, glass, and metal surfaces.

  • wax-and-bugs-remover

    Wax and bugs remover

    Wax, Tar and Bugs remover 500ml.

    Wax, Tar and Bugs remover is specially manufactured to completely and efficiently remove traces and debris left by wax products from the body of your car. It is ideal for removing the residue that remains on the surface of your car and serves as a car contaminant remover and bug remover, especially if you are using wax or gloss protectors.

    The protective coatings’ impact will be significantly more potent and stay much longer because of the use of this product. The removal of any remaining traces of wax without affecting the bodywork’s brightness or colour also enhances the cleaning effect.


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    • RISK FREE PURCHASE:- We’re so proud of our product that if you aren’t 100% happy within 30 days, we will offer a refund or replacement with no questions asked.

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: alkaline cleaner for car body, wheels.
    • Application: plastic, metal, steel, aluminum, chrome, painted surfaces.

  • nanoclay pro 100g

    Nanoclay pro 100g

    Detailing clay for precise car body cleaning 100g.

    NanoClay PRO efficient product for thoroughly removing all contaminants from car bodies like tree sap, road dirt, bird droppings or tar. The clay also removes dirt from scratches and micro-cracks in the paint. In the case of roughness, use clay to restore a perfectly smooth surface.

    Application Method:
    Heat the clay in hands or hot water to soften and then form the disc shape. Wet the surface of the car body with a clay lube and then clean it with a circular motion. Wash lube residues with water.

    Ingredients: mild abrasives; plastificators; titanium and silicon nanocompounds;

  • graphene-glass-pro-50ml

    Graphene Glass Pro 50ml

    Protective coating for glass and glazed ceramics 50ml

    NANO GO Graphene Glass PRO is a nanoceramic protective, transparent coating designed to ensure long-term protection of glass and glazed ceramics, the durability of which is min. 5 years.
    The product creates a durable coating on the surface that repels water, fat, bird droppings, insects, water scale and dirt. It is resistant to abrasion, extreme weather conditions, UV radiation and strong chemicals in the pH range of 3-11. It perfectly facilitates cleaning, reduces dirt accumulation, and shortens cleaning time, translating into lower cleaning agent consumption.
    The product itself gives excellent water-beading properties. Due to its resistance, it is perfect for car windows, glazed ceramics, and shower cabins or fireplace glass. Glass facades or winter gardens will show self-cleaning properties.
    Graphene is an extremely thin and extremely strong layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It has been called a “miracle substance” and “the strongest substance ever tested.”

    • Brand: NANO GO®
    • Origin: Great Britain
    • Type: protective coating for glass and glazed ceramics.
    • Usage: car windshield, glazed ceramics, shower cabins, fireplace glass

  • graphene ceramic pro

    Graphene Ceramic Pro CX10

    Ceramic coating 10H for car body protection enriched with graphene nanoparticles. Exhibit permanent superhydrophobic effect 50ml.

    The product is intended for covering the car body and windshield with a protective nano ceramic coating. During the hardening process, a ceramic coating with graphene is formed, so the surface becomes extremely hard (10H according to the pencil scale) and resistant to various chemical substances. The coating has antistatic and superhydrophobic properties.
    The product uses modern technology, thanks to which hardness is compatible with flexibility. This makes the coating resistant to cracking and can expand with the car body in hot weather conditions.
    NANO GO ceramic coating offers several advantages to car owners: – effectively protects the car’s paint from small scratches, improves the overall gloss and colour depth of the vehicle, protects against corrosion, significantly reduces dirt adhesion, and provides protection against the effects of aggressive chemicals.
    The properties of the ceramic coating are permanent, so the self-cleaning effect on the protected surfaces remains practically throughout the life of the vehicle.
    This product is a reliable solution for car owners looking for better protection and maintenance of their vehicles.

  • elite ceramic pro cx9

    Elite ceramic Pro CX9

    Ceramic coating for car body protection with permanent superhydrophobic effect 50ml

    Product for protection of car body and windshield. The product forms a coating that ceramize over time, giving extremally high hardness (9H on pencil scale) and outstanding resistance to chemicals (coating resists chemicals in pH range 1-13). The coating perfectly protects against scratches, significantly enhances gloss and protects against aggressive chemicals, prevents corrosion and radically reduces the sticking of all types of dirt. Modern technology used in product development combines hardness with flexibility. Thanks to this, the coating is crack resistant and expands together with the car body during hot days. The coating exhibits permanent superhydrophobic properties, that don’t disappear over time, during ceramization. They guarantee long-term self-cleaning effects on protected surfaces.

  • ceramic pro cx15

    Ceramic Pro CX15

    Durable hydrophobic ceramic coating for car bodies and metal surfaces 50ml.

    The coating is characterized by durability, transparency and excellent adhesion to the surface, efficiency and self-cleaning properties. Protected surface exhibit a superhydrophobic effect, a high level of UV protection, weather conditions and chemicals, including graffiti paint. Moreover, it can be cleaned many times without the necessity of re-assembly. The product can be used on car body paint, as well as in aluminium alloy wheels, road signs or even aeroplanes. OBSIDIAN EDX It is suitable for broad applications (covering of aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, copper, and brass). The coating is cross-linking in ambient conditions (room temperature) and is very easy to apply. The coating can also be applied to plastics, glass, polycarbonate, and rubber.

  • magic wiper

    Magic wiper

    Ceramic coating for windshield protection with durable hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect 50ml.

    The MAGIC WIPER is a product specialising in the protection and care of windshields. Thanks to long-lasting ceramic protection it is able to protect the surface of the windshield against scratches caused by the cleaning blades, while significantly improving the brightness of the glass and efficiently repelling dirt adhesion. We use the technology of the highest level to combine the properties of hardness and flexibility in a single product. In this way, we guarantee much higher protection than any other similar product in the market. With a single application of this product, a protective layer is created that ceramizes over time and repels even the smallest particle of dirt or any other external agent that affects the surface where it is applied. The active formula of MAGIC WIPER contains silica nanoparticles, providing additional protection against scratches and stains on the glass. It also creates a long-term self-cleaning effect, keeping the windshield in impeccable condition and free of any dirt.