Coating for anti-fogging protection

FOG ELIMINATOR – anti-fog coating. It perfectly covers surfaces of windows and mirrors and creates a layer limiting the settling of steam on a protected surface.



A product that protects the glass against condensation of water that reduces transparency. Advanced ingredients form a protective coating on the surface to prevent fogging and dew. The effect lasts up to 2 months or until the next cleaning. After this time, the coating should be renewed.


Application Method:

Spray on the surface and polish with a microfiber to remove streaks.


Durability max. 2 months.

Shelf life 36 month.


Bottle: 0.5l, 0.75l, 1l; Canister: 5l , 10l, 20l; Barrel: 220l; Mauser container: 1000l


Technical Data Sheet